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This is COACH Box

Leed's affordable Boxing Gym boutique
Our Fitness Program

A 6-week group health and workout program is held for 3 sessions every week. Exclusive only to Coach members to join & invest in.

Supported by a highly qualified and dedicated personal coach, with us no two box circuits are the same. Every session is fully developed to ensure consistent progress in gym boxing.

At our boutique fitness studio, you’ll build skills & improve technique with the same Box members working in rounds. You’ll spur each other on feeling the power of unity.

Box. The Fundamentals.

Using high intensity interval training, Coach Box, the best boxing gym in Leeds gives you a full cardio and full body resistance workout complete with basic boxing moves. With a personal coach, you’ll also get to experience ultimate Coach Evolution.

Expect to burn up to 1000 calories with each Box workout as we guide you to reach 70 -90% of your heart rate, achieve the afterburn – an increased rate of oxygen intake and a further calorie burn post workout.

Agile and strong, you’ll love every minute.

Agile and strong, you’ll love every minute.

A dedicated Personal Coach. Your team, together every session.
United you will challenge.
coach app
Exclusive to Box members
Advanced nutritional tracking, expert advice & recipes. Custom built weekly workouts designed to work boxing gym programs.
Performance tracking
Monitor your body transformation through our app. Upload weekly progress photos & measurements.
The boutique fitness revolution you have been waiting for...

Founder memberships from just £17.99