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Full Body Cardio Workouts

Feel the power and energy of a kick-ass COACH Step cardio workout especially with a certified trainer by your side showing you how it’s all done!

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This is COACH step

Tone and Sculpt

As you push up, plank, hop, rise, jump, lunge fully extending the legs and bending arms down to perfect that burpee and other exercises in this program, you’re working on improving blood sugar levels, maintaining a healthy weight by torching those calories, boosting oxygen supply and fighting osteoporosis to improve your overall lifestyle.

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Across 4 studios, 200+ fitness classes a month are included in a COACH gym membership. Whatever your fitness goals, we have personalised strength and conditioning classes to inspire, challenge your stamina and strength. Delivered & programmed by highly-qualified, passionate & respected instructors.

Fully empowered, you will achieve more. Anything is possible.

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